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Questions and Answers
Why do I need this insurance for my child?
If I have a group plan through my employer, what is the benefit of purchasing this insurance?
Will this insurance provide benefits for my child when they are on school field trips, summer holidays or participating in recreational activities?
Will this insurance provide benefits for my child while out of the province?
Who is eligible?
My child is attending a private school. Can he/she be insured through this plan?
My children are home schooled. Are they eligible for this insurance?
Is there an age limit for the insurance?
How can I apply?
Can my child who is attending University/College be enrolled on the same application as my other children?
One of my children is with a Catholic board and my other child is with a Public board. Can I insure both of them on the same form?
What is the difference between the plan types?
Is the premium a monthly or annual rate?
When will this insurance take effect?
When will my policy terminate?
Will I receive a policy or confirmation of insurance?
The school is requesting proof of insurance. Can you provide me with confirmation?
Is it possible to change my plan?
We are moving. Will my child still be insured?
How long has your company been providing this type of insurance?
Are University/College students eligible for this insurance?