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Get Protected

For pennies a day, you can provide comprehensive coverage for your child for the entire year. So don’t wait, get a quote today!

There are several plan options available to help protect your child up to September 30, 2017 for as little as a one-time premium of $13.50. We recommend the Platinum Plan for the most comprehensive child accident insurance available at a one-time premium of $32.00. By applying before September 30, 2016, parents can save with our 3 and 5 year plans at special one-time rates. For additional savings we feature our special “Family Rates” for those families with 3 or more children under 21 years of age enrolled with and in regular attendance on a full time basis (minimum of 3 concurrent courses), with a Canadian kindergarten, elementary or secondary school or any licensed or registered daycare, playschool or preschool. Simply stated, we offer various levels of coverage and plans to fit any family’s budget.