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How Does it Work?

Even the most minor accidents can result in major financial responsibilities not insured under your government health or group plans. Why not protect yourself with insuremykids®?

Why do I need insurance for my child?

Are you aware that the expenses from most accidents exceed the benefits provided by your government and group insurance plans? You need insuremykids®.

Some expenses are not even insured under government and group insurance policies. The result: you, the parent, become responsible. To help identify the advantages of insuremykids®, take a moment to review the following scenarios to compare a typical group plan with the insuremykids® Platinum Plan. These stories are real incidents where insuremykids® made a large impact on each family. They could have had severe financial strain; instead, these families were protected with insuremykids®.

What Kind of Difference Will insuremykids® Make?

A 17 year-old girl was snowboarding. She fell and fractured her wrist and ankle.

Platinum Plan
Without insuremykids®
Annual Premium $32 $0
Ambulance $0 $275
Cast for Arm $0 $45
Cast for Leg $0 $80
Prescriptions $0 $29
Tutoring $0 $3,150
Physiotherapy $0 $945
TV Rental $0 $30
Out of Pocket: $32 $4,554

A 6 year-old boy was playing floor hockey in gym class. The plastic puck hit him in the face, cracked a tooth and split his lip.

Platinum Plan
Without insuremykids®
Annual Premium $32 $0
Crown Work $0 $1189
Lab Fees $0 $294
Fractured Jaw $0 $250
Ambulance $0 $45
Expense Reimbursement $0 $180
Out of Pocket: $32 $1,958

A 13 year old boy was in the US playing in a baseball tournament. One of the other players ran into him and tore the muscles in his leg.

Platinum Plan
Without insuremykids®
Annual Premium $32 $0
Room $0 $1390
Pharmacy $0 $1167
IV Solutions $0 $116
Medical Surgical Supplies $0 $6,133
Diagnostic Radiology $0 $583
Operating Room Services $0 $3,909
Anesthesia $0 $1,144
Emergency Room $0 $1,186
Recovery Room $0 $1,198
Out of Pocket: $32 $16,826