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Parent Resources

Injury Prevention

  • Public Health Agency of Canada

    The Public Health Agency of Canada is committed to protecting children from injury. This website teaches kids how to take charge of their own safety. They can become leaders by planning first, checking out their environment, being alert and wearing the proper gear.

  • Safe Kids Canada

    As a national leader, Safe Kids Canada is committed to reducing unintentional injury – the leading cause of death for children. This website is designed to give parents practical and reliable solutions to keep kids safe.

Health Information

  • Canadian Health Network

    The Canadian Health Network’s goal is to help Canadians find information on how to stay healthy and prevent disease. This site can be informative for any age group and help educate you on how to help your children grow healthy and strong.

  • Caring for Kids

    The Canadian Paediatric Society is dedicated to children’s health issues. This website is a snapshot of what Canada’s paediatricians are saying about the health issues affecting children and youth today, along with links for more information.

Safety Information

  • Canada Safety Council

    The Canada Safety Council is a national, non-government, charitable organization dedicated to safety. This website serves as a credible, reliable resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Canadian life - in traffic, at home, at work and at leisure.

Water Safety

  • The Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Services

    Through innovative and evolving learn-to-swim programs, as well as public education, the Red Cross is helping Canadians develop healthy, positive water safety attitudes and stay safe in, on and around water. Make sure you’re familiar with how to keep your children secure around the water.

Road/Auto Safety

  • Transport Canada

    Transport Canada is committed to making Canadian roads the safest in the world. Find information on safety seat requirements and learn some tips about safely travelling with your children.