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Plan Benefits

Peace of mind is affordable

The insuremykids® Protection Plan is an inexpensive and comprehensive way to protect families from financial hardships they may face as a result of an accident. Each year, thousands of families are left unprotected when their children are injured at school or while participating in non-school activities. The insuremykids® Protection Plan provides financial protection for expenses not normally covered under government health or group insurance plan. Peace of mind is affordable with insuremykids®.

Here's just a few of the many benefits we provide for just pennies per day:

Total & Permanent Disability – Up To $350,000

If your child's injury results in Total and Permanent Disability, this benefit, depending on the plan purchased, can provide up to $350,000 in coverage to help with consequential expenses such as the retrofitting of your home, the purchase of specially equipped transportation, etc.

Dental Accident Coverage – Unlimited Expenses Paid for in the First 10 Years of Injury!

This benefit can provide coverage for a variety of dental injuries. For example, if your child were to crack a tooth, this benefit could cover the reasonable and necessary expenses for its repair and treatment by a Dentist. Unlimited coverage is available for up to 10 years following a dental injury (1 year for University/College Plan). If further treatment is needed after this timeframe, coverage is available up to a limit to $1,250 per tooth ($1,500 per tooth under the Platinum Plan). No age limit applies to this benefit, for completion of necessary repairs.

Tutoring Benefit - Up To $6,000

If, as a result of an accident, your child is totally disabled and confined to his or her residence for over 30 days, this benefit can cover expenses for tutorial services provided by a qualified teacher. This benefit can also pay for the rental of necessary equipment and any required programme software.

Out-of Province/Country Emergency Accident Medical – Up To $50,000

If your child sustains an injury while travelling outside of their province or territory of residence, this benefit can pay for any required Emergency Treatment, including the services of a Physician, Hospital, x-ray clinic, ground ambulance, necessary and reasonable alternative ambulance service up to $1,000, and/or a registered nurse (other than a family member). This benefit can also cover the costs for crutches, braces, splints, trusses or other prosthetic appliances, emergency medicine, blood, and/or plasma, and the rental costs for a wheelchair and/or Hospital-type bed. Coverage is for any number of trips up to 30 days in duration.

Note: Under the Platinum Plan, this benefit is increased to $100,000 and includes coverage for Sickness (see policy for full description).

Prosthetic Appliances – Up To $5,500

This benefit can cover the necessary costs for artificial limbs, eyes and/or hearing aids (up to a maximum of $5,500) for each injury that results in a loss requiring such an appliance.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please read the Policy for all conditions, limitations and exclusions.