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Student Accident Insurance Products

The truth is, accidents happen and you can't always be there to stop them.
Let insuremykids® be there for you.

What is insuremykids®?

insuremykids® Student Accident Plan - An inexpensive and comprehensive way to protect your family from unexpected expenses year round.

insuremykids® is the key to protecting your family financially year round from unexpected financial strain as a result of injuries sustained by your child. Our student accident insurance provides benefits not covered by any government health or group insurance plans to ensure your family's health and financial well being are protected.

Insurance Benefits

  • Dental accidents
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Ambulance surcharges
  • Private tutoring
  • Eye glasses and much, much more

Insurance Coverage

  • Essential for children of any age
  • Children involved with sports, special interest clubs, and other activities on or off school property
  • In many cases, required by school boards in order to participate in activities such as field trips and sporting events. If your child is injured, you can have better peace of mind knowing your family has coverage